Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So... that was a crazy weekend.

Friday: school as usual. Nothing weird.

Saturday: UGH. There was little party ( a small one, like ten people) that I went to. Marl, Roxas, and Xion went to. And for some reason, Roxas also invited Zexion. So throughout the whole goddamn night, I have to listen to Zexion going on about those fucking horror stories. I mean really? Who names their monster "the Archangel" or "the Eye"? Those are the lamest names I've ever heard. But the one he went on and on about the most was some water vampire thing. Or at least that's how I understood. Replaces your blood with water or something and has a whole bunch of different names. Salmakis (or however you spell it), Ichor, Eat... That last one is really stupid if you ask me. Almost as stupid as the Eye.

I spent most of the night trying to ignore Zexion, who for some reason felt that everyone involved absolutely needed to know about these stupid things. I could see that Marl was pretty annoyed by it. She hates horror stories.

Eventually, though, Xion came to our rescue, by which I mean that she got drunk and puked all over Zexion. Roxas took her back to her dorm, and Zexion left with them, since Roxas offered to help him wash the barf off him.

The whole thing really spoiled the mood, to be honest.

Sunday: Spent the whole day studying for a big exam.

Monday: Big exam.

God damn it, I'm exhausted.


  1. They do have stupid names. "The Wooden Girl" is clearly the best name. Though "Empress" is even better than that. That's right: better than best. It's that good.

    1. The Convocation is totally the best name and you all know it.

    2. Nah. Convocation is stupid. Who calls a bunch of birds the Convocation? It should be like, a Murder or something. That would be badass.

    3. They have no names, only monikers we give them to try to understand them...

      And you're all wrong. The Archangel has the best name, you just refuse to recognize it.

      On that note, I agree with Mr. Giggles. "Murder" would be a more badass name.

      - Have a Nice Day

  2. I like the Black Dog, honestly. He's so cute, especially when he's bringing you random body parts to play 'fetch' with.