Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hate it when this happens

Didn't go to any classes because my head hurt too much, and I was completely scatter-brained. Kept thinking about the most random shit and then my head would start throbbing and I kept getting a weird sense of deja vu. I looked ahead in Miranda's Diary and... well, it gets fucking weird in the next entry, and least what I could concentrate on, anyway. My mind kept blanking out or acting like I remembered walking around a garden.

Oh, God, my head's starting to hurt again. I'll post the next entry when I feel better.


  1. Aaaaaaw. Poor thing. Get better soon, OK, hon? ;)

  2. Let your blood be blood no more.

  3. Shit. You drank the "water" didn't you? The only thing I can sugest now is consuming a lot of caffine to act as a diuretic. No one can be sure (I'm not aware of anyone who's tried) but it may help what you ingested pass through your system faster. And if you get a sudden urge to go swimming DON'T.