Sunday, February 12, 2012

Diary Entry 3

June 8, 1891

Today was so dreary. There was nothing but grey clouds in the sky, and every hour or so it would start raining only to top again. I had looked forward to walking through my uncle's gardens, but alas I was confined within his house all day.

I spent most of my day with Bethany and we talked and talked for some time. I learned that she had been engaged not long ago, but that madness had struck the poor man and he'd been sent off to a sanitarium. I am so sorry for my cousin's misfortune! To have that happiness be snatched away!

Oh, and I do worry about Bethany. Sometimes she seems so distant, or she struggles to say something. I wonder if perhaps she still feels the grief of what befell her fiance?

I did not my uncle for most of the day, for was out meeting with a number of his neighbors, though I am not sure on what business. I also caught a glimpse of Mr. Frederick trekking through the mud outside but I have yet to be properly introduced to him. He spends so much time alone!

There seems to be so much unhappiness in this house! It is my greatest hope that I shall be able to help bring some light back into my cousin's life.


  1. Is Dracula going to show up and kill everyone soon? Because this is incredibly boring.

    1. obviously, you've never read dracula, //Jester//, since that shit is so boring, it makes moby dick look like frankenstein.

      you would think a story about an evil vampire going to england and killing a bunch of people would be interesting.

      you would be wrong.