Monday, February 6, 2012

The Grey

I spent most of my weekend either with Marl or doing homework. It was fun (the parts with Marl). We went to see the Grey, and afterwards had a very long discussion about it. Things I learned: Marl has an inner film critic demanding to be heard. I have never seen anyone go so in depth about a movie.

It was kind of cute when she suddenly stopped talking because she realized she was hogging the whole conversation. I had to assure her that it was fine. Really, it was interesting. She went into all this detail story structure, characterization, and symbolism. She even came up with a neat theory that the whole movie was just taking place in the main character's head, and made a pretty convincing argument for it. I don't think I agreed with her about that, but it was still pretty neat. And besides, it was nice to have something to occupy mind for a bit.

When I got back to my dorm, I saw Xion leaving it. She seemed kind of upset about something, but with Xion it's hard to tell; she's so quiet. Roxas didn't seem to want to talk about it, though I did hear him muttering something under his breath about her being a puritan or something. But it's none of my business.


  1. Ohoho. Sounds like there's a lack of hanky-panky going on. Of course, there might still be some hanky, but it's meaningless without the panky.

  2. Bluelight wonders whats wrong with her.

  3. A hanky is just a handkerchief. Hanky-panky, however...