Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diary Entry 2

June 7, 1981

What an eventful day! I rose early in the morning to begin my journey, and father made sure my carriage was waiting. Mother and father both bid me a safe journey, and I set off. I was so nervous! I have never before traveled alone, and I was unsure if I'd be safe or not.

But it was a lovely ride. I spent most of the day reading, for it was lovely day with much sunlight. Oh, but after some time it began to become so boring! I amused myself for a time by observing the countryside and the many flora and fauna, but even that eventually became dreary.

I arrived at my cousin's house just as the sun was starting to touch the horizon. Oh, how Bethany has grown! She is a handsome woman with dark hair and such pale skin. But it is strange. She seems so strong and lively, but sometimes she seems so frail.

My uncle received me warmly, and I was thankful for the dinner he provided. We spent much time talking. I learned that Bethany's mother was away visiting relatives, and a man named Mr. Frederick is staying at this house. My uncle tells me that Mr. Frederick is the son of an old colleague of his who has fallen on some difficult times. He is a reclusive man, though, so I wonder if I will ever have a chance to meet him?

It is a shame that I was unable to attend service today, but I am sure the Lord shall understand. Just to be safe, I think I will say some extra prayers before going to bed.


  1. SPOILER ALERT: Miranda, her cousin, her uncle, and Mr. Frederick all die.

    Hey, this all happening in 1891. What did you expect?

    1. Everyone dies. It isn't all that surprising.