Saturday, March 17, 2012

Diary Entry 8

Roxas and Xion are fighting again, and this time... it doesn't look good. I'm not sure what the fight is about, but Xion seems really, REALLY upset. Like I can't remember ever seeing her this upset. I'm really worried about her.

You know what else worries me? This (that was an awful segue. I'm sorry).

The last two entries in the diary weren't written by Miranda. They're pages from someone else's journal, inserted into the diary for some reason. From the look of things, I think "Mr. Frederick" was the author. And... this is impossible, right? No way this shit is real. I admit, I'm having doubts, but who wouldn't under these circumstances? But it doesn't make sense. There is no fucking way this can be real.


 I continue to perform the tasks assigned to me by my God. With just the right combination, it seems that I am able to synthesize an elixir that causes the obsessions of the Ichor, but lacks a large enough dose to bring about full conversion. I am not sure why my God is so interested in partial Ascensions, but it is not my place to question. I only serve God's will.

Today, a vessel of my God brought me another possible candidate- a young woman named Miranda, the vessel's cousin. I thank my God for allowing me a choice in the subject of this experiment, and I am grateful that he has brought me such a suitable candidate. Yes, Miranda is perfect. We shall begin to make preparations for her Ascension immediately.

On some level, it saddens me that I have not been chosen to Ascend, that my blood shall remain that of a human's, but my God has given me an important task, one which cannot be achieved by a vessel. I shall complete this task, and then perhaps I shall be rewarded by becoming one with my God.

In the meantime, however, I must test my new elixir. Some members of the order have already volunteered. Hopefully, it shall succeed this time.


  1. One more page, then time to play.

  2. ....fuck.

    Well, at least you have SOME answers about what happened to her.

  3. If Mr. Frederick's God knew how to convince him to do all this, that must take some serious knowledge of the human brain and its motives. So why couldn't a vessel of the God do the job it's asking Mr. Frederick to do? What, does a vessel not have, like.. arms and legs and speech and everything else?