Friday, January 27, 2012


I was away from college for a few days so I could go to my sister's funeral. I wish I could have stayed with my mom a bit longer, she's so lonely... But I couldn't miss school. She insisted.

...Not really that much else to say. Or that much else I really feel like talking about anyway.


  1. Ah, cheer up. Say, did you hear about that hot young lady who decided to become a swinger? She was your sister!

    1. One of these days Jester you and me are going to have to play a game. I'll be shirts, you can be skinned.

    2. You're willing to fuck with someone who would be happy to tear your head off and bowl with it. xD

  2. Be careful, Mister Axel. If "The Jester" has taken an interest in you, things are going to get much worse very soon.

    I wish you luck.