Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Final Post

So I've decided to put this blog to rest. Keeping it will just be too much of a hassle, and it'll probably make it easier for certain parties to find me.

Marl's asleep. In the hospital. I don't know if she'll ever wake up. Part of me wants to stay with her, and wait for her. But I can't do that.

Another part of me wants to go home, to my mother. One of the last people in my life. But I can't bring this hell to her. She's suffered enough.

"Runner" is the term for it, right? Someone who runs from a monster. And they'll keep running until the day they die.

I suppose that is my life now.

I'll run, and I'll run, and they won't catch me.

I won't let them.


  1. Given what you are Axel, watch what you do or that won't be the only side hunting you.

  2. Heh, this was bound to happen eventually. I hope you realize that you're completely to blame for all of this. Hehehe. Also, suicide is an available option if you get bored with running. ;)

  3. Alias: Axel
    Age: 18-24
    Status: Half-Camper
    Name, location, appearance: Unknown

    Discarded by EAT as a failed experiment. Hunted by The Jester, survived through an agreement made with the Puppet.

    My advice: Keep running. EAT and the Girl might not care much about you, but you're still an abomination. One that should still be put down.

    You'd be a pain in the ass to catch, but it might make for some interesting work if I find myself bored between jobs.

    I hope to see you later.

    - Have a Nice Day

    1. Alright, now this is just annoying. I've been researching my geneology, and here: Mr. Frederick and Miranda were my great-great grandparents. The half-camper would have been my great grandfather. He spent most of his life in a mental institution. Married one of the nurses if you can believe it. My grandfather (quarter-camper) was a career criminal. Killed himself shortly after my father was born. My father (eighth-camper) was fairly normal up until he killed himself as well. I would be only 1/16th Camper. If you're going to go all Nazi-Eugenics on me, at least get my fucking genetics right.

    2. I personally don't see the problem with horrible affronts to god or gods. As far as I'm concerned you're no different than anything else in this world at the moment. In fact the ink in you is so diluted you're pretty much human. You're obviously not part of the hivemind and other than the ability to evolve Camper really aren't all that special. As far as I'm concerned you're the equivalent of a human. Sure you have some servant somewhere in your bloodline but I refuse to believe that no proxie has ever had children.

      Basically you're probably not the first quarter, eighth, etc... servant out there.

      The fact it was a camper doesn't really seem to change much.

      In fact genetics working how they do there's entirely chance that you have absolutely no ink at all in you by this point.

      Either way if you're nearby any time search me out we'll have a couple of beers then I'll kill you. Not because you're a monster but because I like killing things.

  4. Good luck, Axel.

    Hey, watch out for trips, okay? You know what they say: Once you trip, you stop running.

    I'll keep on the lookout in these blogs for any more wannabe-trolling from the Wannabe-Jester, AKA: Anonymous Avante-Garde Lou-Reed-Hipster crying in his mom's basement and wishing he had the honour of serving The Wooden Girl despite the fact that he doesn't know a single thing about her.

    Just yeah. Good luck, man. Keep running, don't trust hobos, and stay on the sunny side of life.